Our Classes

Pole Classes

Intro to Pole

New to pole? This is the class for you! Learn how to safely perform basic pole techniques in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Prerequisite: None

Pole Flow

Looking for a way to combine all those awesome moves into a fluid routine? Whether you are preparing for a performance or just want to improve your freestyle, this class will help students learn to incorporate their skills into a smooth flow.

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole or previous experience required.

Pole Conditioning & Flexibility

Develop the strength and flexibility you will need to master a variety of tricks and combos. This class combines beginner through intermediate level moves with body weight exercises to improve overall physical fitness and build your pole skill set.

Appropriate for all levels though intro to pole can help.

Spinning Pole

Learn how to incorporate rotation into your favorite moves with this fun and challenging class.

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole recommended.

Intermediate Pole

Intermediate pole is the perfect class to up your pole game. Learn new tricks and transitions and up your strength and form!

Prerequisites: intro to pole or other pole experience required

Aerial Classes

Aerial Yoga

Build strength and flexibility by incorporating suspension training into your yoga practice. Students will learn how to perform traditional yoga poses and conditioning exercises using an aerial hammock. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Prerequisite: None

Mixed Level Aerial Hoop (Beg-Adv)

Take your workout to new heights as you learn to safely perform a variety of mounts and dismounts, poses, and combos. Difficulty of instruction will be modified to accommodate each student’s current level of expertise.

Prerequisite: intro to aerial or hoop private lessons experience required.

Aerial Hammock

Learn how to perform and combine a variety of movements using the aerial hammock. This mixed level class expands on hammock basics with fun poses, sequences, and drops.

Prerequisite: intro to aerial, Aerial Yoga or hammock private lessons or silks experience required.

Mixed Level Aerial Silks

Expanding on basic skills, students will begin to incorporate more challenging techniques and strength-based moves, including sequences and drops.

Prerequisite: intro to aerial or silks private lessons or hammock experience required.

Grounded Classes


This is an all levels class geared towards anyone wanting to learn chair dance. This is a full body workout where you will learn to balance and maintain holds on chair as well as fluidly move and dance on and around the chair. Depending, you may even learn some fun choreographed chair dances.
Note: tight pants you can move easily in work best.

Prerequisites: none

Bellydance Basics

Shimmies, isolations, undulations and more! Come learn the unique art of bellydance in this beginner-friendly class, where each week we will learn different movements and combinations from the ground up. Beginners will gain a good foundation while more experienced students can drill the basics or take on additional challenges. No experience necessary.

Prerequisite: None

Floorwerk and Twerk

Sexy meets fun in this combo of floor moves and booty poppin’ skills! Build strength, balance, and confidence as you explore what is possible off the pole. Shorts and knee pads/thigh high socks/leg warmers are recommended.

Prerequisite: None

Bellydance Props

Whether it’s the delicate floating of a veil, the playful swinging of a cane, or the skillful balancing of a sword, props always provide an extra “wow” factor in our dance. Each week we will break down how to interact with each unique prop and integrate it into bellydance with fun tricks and combos. An all levels class where beginners will learn prop foundations and more experienced dancers will be offered additional challenges. Students are encouraged to bring their props , if they have them, but props will be available to use if not.

Follow us(@verticaldancemd) and/or Megan Lee bellydance to learn about upcoming weekly props!

Prerequisites: None

Yoga: Ananda AUM

An all levels yoga class featuring reiki and other therapeutic exercises. Ananda in Sanskrit is “bliss” and AUM is another spelling for OM! Improve your body and mind both on and off the mat with movements made for every body!

Prerequisites: None

hardcore abs

A 30 minute high intensity class. No experience necessary, just persistence. This class is designed for anyone who wants to strengthen the core abdominal muscles. This class will consist of anaerobic exercises, such as calisthenics, plyometric pilates, and fun out of the box activities.

Virtual strength & Flexibility

The perfect way to get some extra practice to prepare for your aerial classes! An hour long workshop class to build strength and flexibility. Working on drills to help improve endurance, as well as your inversions.

No equipment or experience necessary(though yoga blocks will help to assist with stretching)!

Monthly Specialty Classes:

Monthly specialty workshop style classes will vary from month to month. These workshops will always be 1 hour like a regular class. We have some that will recur regularly such as intro to aerial, advanced hoop, trapeze, etc.

If you’re looking for specific workshops reach out to your instructors! Some workshops may not be able to work well with the hour time frame and we will make sure those have longer spots!

Open Studio Time*recurring in workshop style signup*

Open Session

Can’t wait until next class to practice that new trick? Check out our open session(currently available as workshops only)! Use of facilities is available to current students who wish to develop skills at their own pace. No instruction is provided during this time.

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole, Intro to Aerial Arts, or previous experience required. Please reach out to let us know which apparatus you will be working on when you sign up.