Our flexible pricing structure is designed to accommodate anyone’s schedule. Not sure when you’ll be able to attend your next class? Take advantage of our drop-in option! Looking to get the most bang for your buck? Check out one of our class passes!

*Please read below prices for our cancellation policy!

Drop-in(exp. 1 month from purchase)

Drop-in non-sharing



6 class pass(exp. 3 months from purchase)

6 class pass non-sharing



10 class pass(exp. 3 months from purchase) $130
15 class pass(exp. 3 months from purchase) $150
Unlimited 1 month pass

Unlimited 3 month pass



-Bring a buddy(exp.1 month from purchase)-$35-When getting this pass: Please make sure both people have accounts. When both accounts have been created: Please call, text or message the studio with your name, your buddy’s name and the class you are signing up for. Extra note: This pass is only available for classes that do not have any prerequisites.

-Intro Package(3 class pack)(exp. 1 month from purchase)-$55-This is a special package for new students to try multiple classes before fully committing to our larger class pass options. Only available to use on classes with no prerequisites.

***important info***

-Non-sharing passes: these passes have a higher price to reserve you an apparatus without having to share. Please only sign up for classes that still have at least 2 open spots or we cannot guarantee you won’t have to share. It is your responsibility to contact us by phone, text, or message to reserve the 2nd spot for you. Pole classes will max out at 8 students despite having 5 poles so we may be able to accommodate your non-shared spot even if there are not 2 “open” spots; however, it is still your responsibility to confirm.

-Late cancel and no show policy:

You can cancel your class up to 12 hours before the class start time and be able to use that towards another class(we retain the right to change this time-frame if it becomes necessary). If you cancel after the 12 hour mark you will lose the pass. If you no show you lose your pass. Please note that for our unlimited passes, you will lose the capability to continue to purchase these passes with multiple late cancels and/or no shows.

Waitlist information:

When you are added to a waitlist you will be added into the class in the same order as signed up if people cancel. We do our best to give a heads up. That means we will stop adding off the waitlist 2 hours before the class starts. We highly encourage students to cancel the class if they know they won’t be able to make it in if added off the waitlist as we will continue to add off the waitlist when late cancels occur. If you are added off the waitlist you will receive an email notification(please check your spam folder or you can simply check your account to verify). If you are added before the 2 hour mark you will lose the pass if you no show or late cancel.

Purchase Policy:

We do not offer refunds on any purchases(classes passes, workshops, private lessons, parties, etc.). Please ensure you are able to use all your class passes before the expiration date or passes will be lost.


We truly appreciate your understanding. Reach out if you have any questions!

Please try to contact us if an emergency prevents you from attending your class.

Open session*not currently running due to covid-19 precautions

Practice at your own pace during open studio time. Open sessions will be in workshop format for signing up. This means no refunds, no waitlist. Please contact us with which apparatus you plan to use. An instructor will be present, but not actively teaching. Please join a class or book a private lesson for instruction.

Drop-in $10

Private lessons (1 hour)

Want 1 on 1 attention with the instructor of your choosing? Want a group of people you know and are comfortable with? Looking for a style we can teach but isn’t on the schedule? The class you want doesn’t line up with your schedule? These are perfect reasons to take advantage of our private lesson options!

All private lessons require a $50 non-refundable payment or paid in full to book. $50 payment will go towards the final pricing. Lesson must be canceled 48 hours ahead of the start time to receive a refund if you paid more than the non-refundable payment. Refunds will only be given by account credit. You can choose to reschedule and use the money towards the new date if rescheduled 48 hours ahead of start time.

1 person $70
2-5 people $130
6-10 people $220
11-15 people $315
16-20 people $360

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Standard(6-10 people) $250
Silver(11-15 people) $350
Gold(16-20 people) $450

*more details and cancellation policy on parties page


Vary in price

No refunds on workshops

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