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We are a small town studio in a location that pulls people in from all over. Diversity is such a wonderful thing to have in the world of aerial arts and we want to make our studio welcoming for everyone! Our mission is to create an empowering and supportive environment for anyone who wishes to explore their artistic side, while building strength and having fun. In addition to providing a reliable instruction to all students, your safety is a top priority. That being said, we have gone above standards to ensure that you can safely succeed in our classes. We also strive to promote a body positive concept of fitness for all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

What to wear depends per class.

*Avoid jewelry, zippers and buttons for basically all classes!!!

  • Pole: NO LOTION! Skin is important! It is how you grip. Shorts and tanktops/sports bras are preferred. Heels are optional once you get the basics down!
  • Silks/hammock/hoop/chair: coverage is important for these apparatuses! Leggings and shirts or full bodysuits recommended.
  • Floorwerk and twerk: socks to slide! Preferably over the knee socks. You may also want knee pads for extra protection. Shorts or leggings that aren’t too tight to ensure you can jiggle where you need to.
  • Belly dance: what ever you can move in! Jiggly attire, hip scarves, etc. are welcome but not required!

Do I need to bring any supplies?

We highly recommend bringing a water bottle! Hydration is important! Otherwise, almost anything you’ll need for a class will be provided(minus wardrobe). You are welcome to bring things like your own yoga mats, but we do have plenty for you to use. You may eventually want grip aids and we do have some for sale, but you can always bring your own.

Do I need a dance background/strength/flexibility/etc.?

Unless the class has listed prerequisites, you need no experience! Background in dance or a regular workout routine can be helpful, but entirely unnecessary to start. You will build the strength, flexibility and the muscle control you need to progress during our classes!

I saw this thing on Instagram, can I do that?

We will gladly teach you that move if a) you are at a level capable of safely learning it and b) we are qualified to safely teach and spot you for that trick/combo.

Are only women allowed to take classes?

Your gender won’t stop you from getting a solid workout in; we welcome everyone here! We might recommend different clothing options(ie: dancers belt) or give a slightly different instruction(ie: avoiding delicate areas) for your own comfort and/or safety.

Is there a weight limit?

Nope! All body types are welcome and embraced here!

Sometimes, no matter the body type, variations may be necessary and we will always do our best to find a suitable variation or work on a similar movement that works with the individual.

What do I do when I arrive?

Please let your instructor know your name when you come in, they will get you signed in from there! There is a dressing room with cubbies for your items in the back of the studio(there is also a bathroom back there). Please wait there while the class ahead of yours is finishing up. Take this opportunity to meet your new classmates, you already know you have this similar interest in common!

Extra for Covid-19: You may be asked your vaccine status if you would like to be maskless in the studio. If you choose not to share your status or are unvaccinated  we will ask you to wear a mask(we will have some on hand if necessary). There will also be hand sanitizer around the studio and in the dressing room for you to use as needed.

Do I have to sign up ahead of time?

We’ve always encouraged it but especially now with smaller class sizes we highly recommend it. Our classes have been filling up and that means you may make a trip out and not be able to get in if you weren’t already signed up.

Is VDC a safe space for LGBTQIA+, POC, etc.?

Absolutely yes! Diversity and inclusion are incredibly important to us. We have a variety of staff and students(and their families) who are in these communities. We do not tolerate hatred towards them or others.

If you cannot respect your fellow classmates and instructors(this includes using correct pronouns and chosen names), you will be asked to leave and forfeit your class pass.

I want to practice from home, how can I safely do so?

This will vary depending on what you are trying to practice. We do have some options for virtual classes that do not involve apparatuses; these are great options for any student!

Pole: We highly recommend x-pole brand poles(you can even purchase them from the link towards the bottom of our home page). We understand they can be expensive, but assured, cheaper options are cheaper for a reason. We want you using safe equipment that is designed for more than walking around the pole looking cute. The poles we use in studio are chrome 45mm specialty height studio poles.

Aerial: Again, we highly recommend using worthwhile brands for rigs, and aerial equipment. And again you are looking at a pricey investment for your safety. Please don’t use amazon for these purchases! For rigs, vvolfy metalworks has our personal favorite, though you can absolutely ask us for a more comprehensive list of rigs we’d recommend. For aerial equipment it can vary widely what we’d recommend based on the apparatus, how much space you have to work with, spinning capability or not, etc. You can always reach out to our owner to get recommendations just for you!

For all: Please remember your safety when practicing. That means don’t forget the safety mat, always have someone present to spot or get you help in case of an emergency. We always recommend only working on movements you’ve already been trained in for your safety. If you would like to find out more you can always reach out for more details and recommendations.

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